Austyn Weiner

Austyn Weiner - The Arts Initiative - Chicago

My name is Austyn. I was born in Miami, Florida. Miami inspires the color palette from which I paint my world. I am an “emerging” New York based artist, although I believe we are always emerging. I began as a photographer, but quickly felt a need to deconstruct the imagery around me, rather than simply record it. I take my photographs and turn them into seductive graphic surrealism. I strive to create unconventional beauty in all of my work.

I want my viewer to be smacked in the face with originality. I want you to notice the surpassed, the suppressed, the frowned upon, and the forgotten.

I studied at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design and the Parsons School of Photography, but gained most of my education wandering the world. I create to turn myself on.


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