Andrew Nigon

Andrew Nigon - The Arts Initiative - Chicago

Andrew Nigon was born and raised in Rochester, MN in 1981 and received his MFA from the University of South Florida in 2011. Nigon currently lives and works in Miami and has shown extensively in South Florida as well as nationally and internationally including a group show in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Wonderland Magazine and Beautiful Decay Magazine. Nigon is represented by Primary Projects and is currently preparing for his second solo show in Miami this upcoming Fall.

The aim of his work is to draw attention to the bizarre nature of our existence in which we have an insatiable drive to improve while simultaneously living within bodies that are in constant decay. Using the discarded detritus of society in chorus with materials such as polyurethane foam and second-­‐hand textiles, he creates heroic yet tragic monuments devoted to a human race that is trapped in an incomplete and fractured world. Clothing and more is mixed with forms that mimic the juicy nature of organs and bodily fluids, mixed with wet candy and bubble gum. This sludge of attraction and revulsion serves as glue that assembles, sometimes foreign, parts in a manner focused on drawing life out of gestures resulting in the sacrifice of a sense of wholeness. The result being seductive and tortured characters that permanently exist halfway from somewhere to nowhere.

Nigon draws inspiration from historical sculpture depicting icons of social constructs that have attempted to resolve the problematic nature of the vulnerability life. His works however serve as icons to the victims of ridiculous promises of finite resolution, as if the end of suffering is permanently out of reach. It is his intention to create a starting point to witness a volatile existence through humor and vulnerability in order to investigate potential modes of emotional relief to a situation that inherently lacks a satisfying conclusion. In a sense, embrace the everlasting evolution of character, social mores, values and truths.

Nigons process is an exploration of finding a harmony between problem and resolution. In some cases, forms are assembled and cut repeatedly until it is unclear if the form is being assembled or torn apart-­‐ existing in a state where both are reflected simultaneously. This multiplicity of forms, characters, materials and references all come together to create a fluid reality that embody both heaven and hell and the real and unreal in one gesture.



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