Chicago Tonight / WTTV Covers Fashion Outlets of Chicago

Chicago Tonight / WTTV covers the opening of the Fashion Outlets of Chicago including interviews with developer and The Arts Initiative founder Arthur Weiner and TAI contributing artist Jen Stark. Head over and checkout their gorgeous slideshow!

With hundreds of workmen still toiling away, the dust has not yet settled at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago in Rosemont. But everywhere an early visitor looks, there are signs that some pretty big name retailers are getting ready to move in.

They discuss the mall’s unique interior, curated by The Arts Initiative.

And there will be one other feature at the new mall that no outlet shopper has ever seen before. The Fashion Outlets has commissioned 11 artists to create new and massive works for the mall. Some of the impressive artwork is already in place. Others are still in the process of being created and installed.

30-year-old, Miami-born artist Jen Stark is producing some of that artwork.  A large telescope-like mobile will hang above roaming shoppers. Another, more psychedelic of her creations, will grace what otherwise would have been the plain underbelly of an escalator.

“There’s going to be so much foot traffic, and it’s just awesome to have everyday people, that might not have necessarily gone to a gallery or a museum, see your work every day,” said Stark. “It’s not for a brand or for a store. It’s my art.”

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